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A department store in Polygone Riviera allocates for the first time a corner to a street-artist

Originally from Nice, César Malfi is a rising artist. On Thursday 23 December, he created a live work in front of Printemps customers. This work will be on permanent display.

Actualité - Démocratiser l'Art Urbain et Redéfinir le Street Art. Premier corner street-art au Printemps.
César Malfi, artiste peintre niçois, commence à se faire un nom dans le street-art. Photo Sébastien Botella

Street art. Urban. Pop chic. Many names can describe the work of César Malfi, a 26-year-old artist from Nice. He tries to sum it up: "I often say that it isacademic urban art because I am inspired by the great masterpieces of the Italian renaissance, their elegance, and I mix this softness with the roughness of urban art.

The young painter is beginning to make a name for himself in France and abroad. On Thursday afternoon, he created a live painting at Polygone Riviera, in Cagnes-sur-Mer.

"The work will then be displayed in our luxury aisle."says Julie Lacombes, Printemps shop manager. Works signed by César Malfi will also be available for sale in a corner dedicated to him. But not only that.

Tote bags, statuettes… "This is the first time that a department store of this type has offered street art and I am very touched that they have chosen me.", says the artist.

When did you start painting?

When I was 15. I was studying law at the Faculty of Nice and, in my spare time, I painted. My thing was to paint large murals. My biggest one is six metres by four metres and it's in Marseille.