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Les Jardins de Saint-Charles, Sophia-Antipolis
October 2023

Saint-Charles' Gardens have been transformed into a place where art and history meet to convey a powerful message of optimism.

The artist decided to materialize resilience by staging a Roman warrior, directly inspired by ancient art.

This emblematic figure represents a time when strength and perseverance are essential.

The choice of this image sends out a clear message: residents are heroes in their own right, demonstrating extraordinary resilience in their experience-rich lives.

At the same time, the artist evokes abundance by using an antique still-life element, a historical style designed to represent generosity.

Abundance, in this context, is not limited to material wealth, but to the wealth of life experiences, shared memories and the collective memory of residents.

Antique still lifes represent a cultural opulence that goes beyond material goods, reminding residents of the value of every moment, every story and every bond forged over time.

The intergenerational bond between residents and visitors demonstrates that our heritages, both ancient and contemporary, are an invaluable source of wisdom.

The link workshop

Alongside the fresco, César initiated an intergenerational workshop to bring together residents and CM2 pupils.

Using the collage technique, they drew inspiration from the artist's work to create a collaborative, intergenerational fresco that now brightens up the establishment's corridors.

This unique event highlights the power of art to bring people of different ages together, encouraging mutual connection and inspiration.

L´atelier du lien - César Malfi
Projets - Tampon Gris César Malfi