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Blue Odyssey

15 july - 15 september 2023


In the heart of Nice, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the art scene was set alight this summer by a unique exhibition: "Blue Odyssey".

Nestled in the heart of the Nicétoile shopping center, this exhibition offers a captivating journey through time and space.

A celebration of art-historical treasures

More than just an exhibition, it's a celebration of the treasures of art history.

César Malfi's mission is to revive these buried treasures and present them in a dazzling new light.

By exploring forgotten artistic styles, revisiting distant eras and fusing traditional techniques with contemporary concepts.

This exhibition invites visitors to reinvent their relationship with art history as they encounter the many works on display.

Like Ulysses, the audience will remember this adventure and the discoveries made along the way.





Projets - Tampon Gris César Malfi
BLUE ODYSSÉE - César Malfi

Why a shopping center ?

The location of the "Blue Odyssey" exhibition is particularly significant.

Placed in the heart of the Nicétoile shopping center, the exhibition defies expectations as to where art can be enjoyed.

Unlike a traditional museum, the artist has chosen a lively urban space to present his work.

This reinforces the link between street art and classical art, revealing that the streets themselves can become canvases for artistic expression.

César Malfi plays with formats, supports and perspectives to offer a new urban art experience every time.

He invites visitors and passers-by to enter his imaginary world for a moment, to sail with him on the waves of his "Blue Odyssey".